52 Ancestors In 52 Weeks: Light A Candle

Light a candle so a loved one can be remembered. Light a candle so a loved one can be honored. Light a candle so a loved one can pass on her legacy.

For my 9th maternal great grandmother, Mary Beckett, who came from England to marry Mayflower passenger George Soule…Mary, thank you for your steadfastness.

For my paternal grandmother, Anna Mroz, who emigrated from Poland with $9 in her pocket and could not speak English…Anna, thank you for your courage.

For my maternal second grandmother, Maria Magdalen Kraemer, who came from France and married her husband at age 15…Maria, thank you for your faith in God.

For my maternal great grandmothers, Sarah Almina Nickel and Naomi Ruth Stevens, who were Kansas pioneer women…Sarah and Naomi, thank for your your resourcefulness.

For my third maternal great grandmother, Rhoda Howell, who braved Indians and uncivilized frontiers…Rhoda, thank you for your perseverance.

For my maternal grandmother, Isabella Mary Boultinghouse, who mastered needlework and quilting while mastering the role of a farmer’s wife…Isabella, thank you for your pursuing your talents.

For my mother, Merna Mae Storer, who married her wartime sweetheart and raised a family of three children…Mom, thank you for your example of love, kindness, and sweetness.

For all my grandmothers, who paved their ways in this world according to their beliefs, talents, and resources. For all of you, I light candles.

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