52 Ancestors In 52 Weeks: Teams

Teams… of immigrants, of pilgrims, of pioneers, of peasants, of serfs, of freedom seekers offering their allegiance to a new world.

Teams... of immigrants to came through Plymouth, Castle Garden, Ellis Island, Boston arriving with little in their pockets but rich in dreams.

Teams...of soldiers, infantry men, militia, wagoners serving their county in times of trials and tribulations.

Teams…of farmers, of teachers, of housewrights, of carpenters, of laborers placing their trust in a new nation.

Teams…of farmers’ wives, mothers, caregivers, daughters dedicating themselves to families and ambitions.

Teams...of saints, sinners, crusaders, apostles aligning themselves to a merciful Father.

Teams... of risk takers, adventurers, first timers, go getters striking out to find themselves.

Teams…of DNA engineers and heredity gifters sharing blood and blood lines with me.

Note: I meant this as a poem. Using WordPress, I was not certain how to format this.