52 Ancestors In 52 Weeks: Groups

Discovering this group was quite the find for me. It would be the key to testing my genealogical research skills in bridging the generations to me. Did I have all the necessary documents? What learning experiences would this heighten for me?

Many branches on my tree host Kansas pioneers. Several years ago, I came across a project sponsored by the Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies entitled Forgotten Settlers of Kansas. Three levels of certificates were available based on the years ancestors settled in the state: Territorial, Pioneer, and Early Settlers. I had four 2nd great grandfathers and one great grandfather who fit the pioneer categories.

Following the directions for organizing the documents took focus. Labeling of sources was required with attention paid to details. A blank five generation pedigree chart was provided from a PDF document. At that time, it was not possible to type directly on the chart…it needed to be done by hand…five generations on one sheet. Thank goodness I have good handwriting skills as I had to find the finest black felt tip pen.

After all paperwork was completed, I organized the packet to mail. A letter of approval would arrive to let me know of acceptance along with the certificate. Finally, all five certificates arrived. My pedigree charts and other paperwork were printed in the 29th Edition. Every piece of paperwork was given to the Kansas State Historical Society in Topeka to be filed in their research library.

Next, I moved on to the Illinois State Genealogical Society to earn pioneer and military certificates for other grandfathers. When completed, I wondered how I could continue. The answer came easily…on to the grandmothers as those women were a major part of the story!

52 Ancestors In 52 Weeks: Father’s Day

Edward Joseph Slabik 1924-2007

I adored him, and he adored me. He was the first man I ever loved. He was my protector, my guardian, my go to guy. He was my dad, Edward Joseph Slabik.

He and my mom were my first teachers. Many valuable lifelong lessons were learned from his experiences and wisdom, his common sense, his sense of humor. Among the lessons learned are these:

*Appreciating, valuing my faith cements my relationship to the Lord. This is the most important relationship in my life and being.

*Friendliness and good manners will take me anywhere. Respect for others should be the bow on the package.

*A sense of humor and a love of laughter are life savors.

*Of importance is putting others first. Sacrifices may be needed, and they are part of your service to others.

*Reading is like breathing, and I should have a stash of books ready to enjoy.

*Listening to music is a tonic that strengthens my resilience. It puts a song in my heart. Singing along with artists is so enjoyable.

*Digging down and finding my roots are part of my inheritance. It is essential to know from where I came.

My father’s gifts to me are a part of who I am. I cherish them. I treasure them. To my dad, I say, “Happy Father’s Day.” May our reunion in heaven be one of joy.