52 Ancestors In 52 Weeks: Membership

His was the first name I found to research and investigate. I really wanted to honor him with a membership in this lineage society. I would just link it all together, and bam…I would become a member. Then, it got complicated.

My 4th great grandfather, Joseph Boultinghouse, was born in New Jersey in 1740. Records indicate that he served in the 4th New Jersey Militia in the Revolutionary War. However, and it is a big however, he was a deserter. Another however, he earned a land warrant for his service. After the war, he started a state militia group in western Pennsylvania before moving into Ohio and Illinois. So what exactly is his story?

Greatly interested in joining the DAR, I started to dig around in their files to see if anyone had joined on his name. No one. I would have to start from scratch to make inquiries to see if he could be claimed as a patriot. It would be a tough battle to put the pieces together. Did I have the patience to proceed?

Three years ago, I did join the DAR. I discovered that I had a total of nine grandfathers who served in the Rev War. I gained membership by using the easiest grandfather to prove. Meanwhile, Joseph remains waiting in the wings to see what can be done about his good name. Time will tell. Is membership in this society just waiting to honor his name?

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