52 Ancestors In 52 Weeks: Favorite Photo

My forever favorite photo of the two of us…with the first man I ever loved. My dad. My father, Edward Joseph Slabik.

I remember that…he would come home from work and play with me. He would give me piggyback rides. He would squirt me with the garden hose and make me squeal with laughter. He would take me to the library. He would take me in the car to see the Christmas lights while my mom stayed home and wrapped my packages. He would introduce me to the Smithsonian. He got me my first dog, Taffy. The saying goes that “a picture tells a thousand stories”. For me, it is a “picture cultivates a thousand memories”.

Together we spend 58 years. From him, I inherited a love of reading, music, mysteries, letter writing, history. My mom once said, “You grew up from being daddy’s little girl to your father’s daughter.” I think she meant I was a chip off the old block.

It is amazing, wonderful, spectacular how one picture from long ago can bring back so many beautiful memories…never forgotten, always just there to grab onto.

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