52 Ancestors In 52 Weeks: I’d Like To Meet You

You have always held a certain mystique about you all. You seem far away…not just in the distance of time, but in knowing who you truly are and were. I cannot even picture your faces and demeanor. I long to meet you.

Joseph Boultinghouse and Rachel Buckston, you are my 4th great grandparents. Joseph, I am confused about your military service during the Revolutionary War. You were enlisted in the New Jersey Militia…deserted…joined up with the Virginia Militia. I realize that soldiers went from group to group depending on many circumstances. After the war, you located to western Pennsylvania and ended up in White County, Illinois. Rachel, you are a complete mystery to me. In reading about women’s lives on the plains, I understand it was very harsh and almost unforgiving. How did you both survive all this?

Daniel Boultinghouse and Rhoda Howell, you are my 3rd great grandparents. Daniel, you went from place to place from Pennsylvania, to the Ohio Valley, and finally to Illinois. Like your father, you are a veteran of a war, the War of 1812. You married three times and had 13 children. One of your sons was killed in an Indian attack, and you vowed revenge. What were you really like…who were you? Rhoda, you were Daniel’s third wife. Together you raised many children along with two of your own. Was this a marriage of convenience? After Daniel’s death, you can be found in the probate records as appearing at the White County courthouse and settling Daniel’s debts. After that, you completely disappear. What happened to you?

In meeting you all, I would have many questions for all of you. I would listen to your stories and memories. I would acknowledge your times and places in history. One day, we will be reunited and meet for the first time.

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